How It Works
CHM Transitional Housing – An Inside Look
Cumming Home Ministries currently occupies a home that we named "House of Grace" with a live-in House Manager who oversees residents and is available to council the men.

What Can a New Resident Expect?
At their intake interview, new residents are asked to state their goals and articulate the steps they plan to take to achieve their goals. Perhaps it is something as ordinary as just finding a job. Cumming Home Ministries will do everything possible to assist our residents in achieving financial goals and regaining their independence.

The length of stay for residents varies upon their situations. Residents, including those with jobs, are required to work at the store (or sometimes other approved projects, such as house renovations or landscape maintenance).

Programs Offered
Cumming Home Ministries offers the opportunity for programs such as

  • Financial literacy
  • Computer literacy
  • Life skills

What our clients say
  • The Ministry Team of CHM gave me the love, support, and job I needed to walk out of my dark past and continue to encourage me while out on my own now.
    John A.
  • CHM gave me shelter, moral support, ability to attend AA meetings and school, and connection for a job. I'm stepping out of my destructive past and bettering myself with a purpose to become who I think God wants me to be.
    G. G.
  • Lifelong Christian friends and mentors living real faith; there and willing to help when I needed to get back on my feet.
    G. G.
  • I can't explain in words what this ministry means to me. The Bible teaches that in Heaven all hearts will be revealed. So when we get there you'll be able to see my heart! And you'll understand how much! God bless, and thank you all!
    Current Housemate
Mission Statement
Cumming Home Ministries provides transitional housing, life-skills coaching, spiritual mentoring and a safe, Christian environment for men in Forsyth County who need to make a fresh start in their lives.

Vision Statement
Cumming Home Ministries seeks to be a resource hub in Cumming/Forsyth County where people in need can come to find encouragement, training, spiritual mentoring and assistance for their various life needs.
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